The Pupil Council meet once per fortnight to discuss anything which has been brought to their attention in the class, playground or lunch hall. They also organise special events in the school calendar and leadership tasks across the school.  

Primary 1-7 all elected a Pupil Council representative.  Primary 1 representatives come with their buddies to help support them in this new role (including supporting them to speak to their class and write information in their Pupil Council jotter).

Pupil Council Update - 6th September 2019

We got our Pupil Council badges today at the P7 assembly. It was Jessica and Archie's first official job to present us with our badges. We had a chat all together about ways we can improve our school. We asked our classmates and fed back our ideas to Miss Hendrie and we wrote our ideas down in a mind map. During our next meeting we are going to discuss our ideas further and decide what we want to work on first.

Pupil Council Mind Map

Next Meeting:  13th September 2019