At Windyknowe Primary School we are proud of our school uniform and the standard this sets in the local community. The uniform is fit for purpose allowing children to be comfortable in their learning. We welcome support from parents and carers in positively encouraging school uniform. We encourage the children to wear either black/white polo shirts, white shirts, red sweatshirts or cardigans and black or grey trousers or skirts.

Uniforms can be ordered through the school office or can be ordered direct from the supplier. School ties can be purchased from the school office as well.  The following order forms and prices are accurate as of 1.4.19

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On the days that the children have PE lessons they are encouraged to wear school PE kit which comprises a red hoody, white t-shirt and black joggers. These are also available to order via the office or direct from the supplier.

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  • West Lothian Council School Dress Code Policy

In 1999 West Lothian adopted a policy on school dress. Some forms of dress are unacceptable in school for health and safety reasons or for moral or other reasons.

Schools will not allow clothing, jewellery or make up which could:

  • Encourage rivalry (such as football colours) 
  • Cause offence (such as anti religious symbols or slogans which might be regarded as political or carrying a questionable moral message)
  • Damage flooring
  • Promote a message contrary to the values of the school and Council (such as support for drugs culture)
  • Carry advertising, particularly for alcohol or tobacco
  • Be used as a weapon

The Council considers that the introduction of school dress codes:

  • Improve security by making it easier to identify intruders
  • Give pupils a pride in, and a sense of belonging to their school
  • Reduce truanting by identifying school pupils as belonging to a particular school
  • Improve a school's reputation in the community
  • Discourage competition amongst pupils
  • Make it cheaper for parents to buy school clothing
  • Encourage discipline among pupils

Each school has its own dress code, for the whole school, based on the Council's policy which all pupils will be expected to keep to. The Council will not be responsible for the loss of or damage to pupils' clothing and personal belongings including mobile phones. Valuable items, including jewellery and unnecessarily expensive articles of clothing, should not be brought to school.

The Authority operates a scheme of provision to ensure that pupils are sufficiently and suitably clothed to take full advantage of the education provided. Parents who wish to apply for assistance should complete an application form which is available from the school. Applications can also be made online from the Council's website at