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School Staff

List of our school staff


Primary 1cMrs Cook
Primary 1jMiss Johnstone
Primary 1mMrs Messenger
Primary 2cMiss Craig
Primary 2mMiss Morland
Primary 3fwMiss Foote/Mrs Welsh
Primary 3swMrs Settle/Mrs Welsh
Primary 4bMs Brody
Primary 4mMiss MacKenzie
Primary 5mMiss Melrose/Mr Muller
Primary 5pMiss Hesp
Primary 6csMrs Cross/Mrs Smillie
Primary 6pMiss Purdie
Primary 7hsMiss Hastings/Mrs Smillie
Primary 7pMrs Patterson
Support for Learning

Mrs Smyth

Mrs Magee

RCCT teacher

Miss Hendrie

Mr Muller

Mrs Wells

PE teacherMrs Howard
Early Years Officers

Mrs Murdoch

Miss Prentice

Nursery Nurses

Mrs Blackley                                

Mrs Keast                           

Miss Crighton 

Mrs McNee 

Ms Dillet 

Mrs Hutton

Mrs Pecoriello                

Pupil Support Workers

Mrs Conway

Mrs Mann

Mrs Mackay

Mrs Lundy

Miss Weir

Mrs Robertson

Mrs Naismith

Mrs White

Ms Dowie

Admin AssistantMrs Meek
Clerical AssistantMrs Murray

Mr Swift

Mr Borland

Mr Harrison

Mr O'Connor

Catering Assistants

Mrs Stewart

Mrs Sutherland

Mrs Black

Miss Brown

Mrs Gilmore



Lunch Hall Supervisors

Mrs Merritt

Mrs Conway

Head Teacher

Depute Head Teacher

Acting Principal Teacher

Chartered Teacher

Mrs Angus

Miss Norquoy

Mr Kerr

Mrs Settle


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